“Please, can you help me? No one seems to be able to help me.” I distinctly remember the panic I felt the first time I called Dr. L’Hommedieu. I was quite sick, had been diagnosed with bradycardia in the ER, and had been to my allopathic doctor multiple times for blood draws and various tests. I had nearly passed out at work several times, and I was on the brink of no longer being able to function at my job. Nauseated all the time, I was eating very little, and I had begun having inexplicable panic attacks that I had never had before. That final visit to my doctor’s office, I was told I was fine and was offered a prescription for an antidepressant yet again. I had refused every previous offer, but this time, I finally took the script, walked to my car, and googled the side effects. I already had most of the side effects listed. In tears, I sat there in my car and tore up the prescription, thinking there has to be a better way, a different way; there has to be someone who can find the root of my symptoms and address it. I had always been a big believer in chiropractic, and I had heard about kinesiology, so I began a web search for every kinesiologist in the greater Wichita area. I poured over website after website, and then I found Advanced Alternatives for Health and thought, “I think this doctor can help me.” I prayed and made the call. That was nine years ago, and I have never looked back. I no longer suffer from bradycardia or have any of the symptoms I presented with on that first appointment in the fall of 2014. Dr. L’Hommedieu has taken me on a journey to rediscover and regain my health, and I am so very grateful. If you have a similar story, don’t despair. Set up an appointment with Dr. L’Hommedieu and start your own journey of healing.
Becky R. Wichita
Dr. L’Hommedieu offers a smart, independent approach to natural healing. This doctor knows how to identify underlying causes and effective ways to restore balance. Very impressive. Where traditional doctors basically monitor your decline, Dr. L’Hommedieu takes true therapeutic action!
Bobbie Wichita, Kansas

In February 2006, I did a body cleanse badly and had some serious, unexpected effects.  I staggered when I walked. My left arm was numb and tingly and my left hand wouldn’t grasp well or move like I intended. I had some labored breathing, too.

The conventional doctors I was seeing at the time didn’t know what was causing my symptoms. The alternative doctors I sought out thought it was toxin-induced, but all (except one) had no treatment plan to offer me. I went with the only treatment offered to me, but I didn’t do very well. I had miserable stomach aches and lingering motor problems.

On a friend’s recommendation, I visited Dr. L’Hommedieu in 2008 and traded in an unsatisfactory treatment for a vastly more helpful one that effectively addressed the underlying cause of my symptoms and safeguarded my health in the process.

Safeguarding patient health is always a priority, but uniquely so in my case because I am a kidney donor and now have one kidney. Dr. L’Hommedieu has been very careful to support my remaining kidney---even to the point of restoring normal function at one point.

Today I have none of the symptoms I struggled with between 2006 and 2008. Though my balance isn’t always perfect while I do “tree” pose in my yoga classes, I no longer feel unsteady when I walk. My left arm and hand perform completely normally. My breathing too has normalized.

Beyond this, I’ve benefited in other ways. My thinking is clearer, my energy is up, my bones are supported, my hormones are more balanced and my liver and digestive systems are much improved. He’d be valuable for helping any ONE of these improvements!

The patient care and follow-through I have received have been excellent. Dr. L’Hommedieu is an extraordinary practitioner with a virtually unmatched understanding of heavy metal toxicity and how to treat it. For me, he is clearly the best resource in Kansas—and probably well beyond—for such hard-to-treat problems. He is a rare find!

Barbara M. Kansas
I had suffered with severe migraine headaches which caused memory and speech loss. Through the very special care I have received from Dr. L’Hommedieu, these symptoms are gone! I am now enjoying a higher quality of life. I am thankful for each day of good health.
Robin S. Wakefield, Kansas
I loved that Dr. L cleared up my nagging respiratory symptoms without antibiotics!
Maria Goddard, Kansas
Great chiropractic adjustments! Truly, THE BEST! Thank you, thank you.
- Annie M. Wichita, Kansas

My family and I have utilized Dr. L’Hommedieu’s services for over 13 years, and I live in Ohio!  I learned about his services through my relative who lives in Wichita.  It is a great distance to travel, but I feel it has definitely been worth the time and effort.

Initially I was unconvinced that kinesiology could detect the information one would need to help correct body imbalances (I'm a clinical psychologist and I didn't think kinesiology was very scientific). Now I believe completely in the accuracy of Dr. L'Hommedieu's testing because over the years I have seen the accuracy time and time again. Dr. L has the ability to determine the underlying reason for a person's symptoms in a non-invasive, efficient manner. At one point, I searched the Ohio area for a kinesiologist that could do the same, but after much time, effort, money, and disappointing results, I decided the trip to Kansas best served my family.

One of the most difficult physical issues my family faced was the diagnosis of an immune system disorder in my son, Ben, when he was two months of age. He constantly vomited when fed unless he was on a prescription drug. He would have blood and mucus in his bowel movements. He is my 5th child, and all of my children developed some type of health problem, however, the problems did not seem related (e.g., sleep, skin, and behavior disorders). However, Ben's condition was definitely the most serious. Dr. L'Hommedieu determined that Ben was suffering from extensive systemic fungal issues.

He was the doctor that finally put all the pieces together, and told me that mold in our environment was responsible for causing these problems, not only in Ben but with the rest of my children. I suspected our house had some mold, but this was over 13 years ago, when you really didn't hear much about this issue. I began examining our home, and was shocked at the amount of mold. I began treating Ben with the recommendations of Dr. L'Hommedieu. The pediatric immunologist had also suggested treatment, but before we could begin, Ben started improving. He soon was able to eat and keep the food down without the medication. We moved out of our home. The pediatric immunologist told me that they must have misdiagnosed my son because one doesn't improve without medical treatment. However, I was treating him with the supplements suggested by Dr. L.

Today, my son is 10 years old and thriving. I don't know what the outcome would have been if Dr. L had not treated him.

I think my son's good health is a miracle, and I am so thankful to Dr. L for what he has done for my family. He was the only health care provider that was able to determine the true cause of the symptoms. If you only treat symptoms, you never correct underlying conditions, and then you are truly not healthy.

Dr. L goes out of his way to be as helpful and caring as possible. He takes the time to help determine your health needs. I highly recommend utilizing his services, especially for children who have conditions that can be treated now and prevent chronic health issues as they grow older. I also take nutrition recommended by Dr. L and I feel confident that the nutrition I take is exactly what my body needs for support and to heal. I am incredibly grateful for the health care that Dr. L has provided for me and my family.

Lisa S. Oakwood, Ohio

Starting at a young age of six, I started having a lot of health problems and began taking allergy shots on a consistent basis every week for about ten years. During this time, I continued to suffer from numerous issues, such as difficulty breathing, migraine headaches, sinus infections, skin breakouts, extreme fatigue, etc., and these to just name a few. Not only could I not concentrate or focus in the classroom like I should, but trying to play sports and succeed like I really wanted became almost impossible.

My sophomore year in high school I finally stopped taking allergy shots, although it wasn’t because my health improved, but rather because of the distance I had to travel to get the allergy shot. My health problems persisted, yet I managed to continue to go on to higher education and athletics. However, it wasn’t until my second year in college that I acquired mononucleosis and my health took a major turn for the worse. Not only did my grades dramatically drop, but my collegiate career in athletics as I knew it was over, and I was on bed rest for the next 3 months.

Being extremely passionate about sports and goal-oriented, this was very devastating for me. However, this was only the beginning. I began having one infection after another and was on antibiotics continuously for over a year. At this point, my parents and I knew something had to be done, as I could not continue on like this. I contemplated going back to taking allergy shots. However, it was then that my dad heard about Dr. L’Hommedieu and suggested him to me. Not knowing where else to turn, I decided to go see him.

In my initial visit, Dr. L’Hommedieu spent several hours with me in his office going through an evaluation and discussing my health history in detail. This made a good impression on me, as I’m used to spending a lot more time waiting to actually see a doctor as I would in his or her office. I could tell that he was genuinely concerned and wanted to help me. Being straight-forward and to-the-point, he informed me of the changes I needed to make in order to improve my health. At that time, I felt completely overwhelmed and had difficulty making all the necessary changes, yet I knew that nothing worth achieving comes easy, and being the very stubborn and motivated person I am, was determined to succeed at this as well.

As a result of Dr. L’Hommedieu’s care and my determination to get well, my health improved dramatically and has been completely restored! Now, almost 8 years later, I still continue to see Dr. L’Hommedieu. I very rarely get sick and can probably count the number of times on one hand that I’ve been on antibiotics since I’ve been under his care. I am extremely grateful for all he has done to help me and continue to recommend him to everyone I know, as God only knows where I would be today if it wasn’t for him.

Stephanie R. Olathe, KS

You’ll just have to learn to love him past the rash.” That’s what the dermatologist told me, as if that were the problem! My little Titus at 3 months old had developed a nasty case of eczema that left him in constant pain. As the skin on his face and body cracked, bled, and itched, I watched helplessly with my hands full of creams and lotions that promised to make things better, but only left me scratching my head and left me frustrated not knowing what to do to ease his pain.

My need to do something sent me on a path to our pediatrician who only shook her head and referred me on to the dermatologist. Full of hope and dreaming of a remedy during my thirty-minute wait in the lobby, I was shuffled quickly into the exam room. There the Dr. took all of five minutes to quickly peak at Titus’s face, hand me some pamphlets and another tube of cream, and again said words that anger me still today, “You’ll just have to learn to love him past the rash.”

As I walked out of the office, I remembered a doctor who did things a little differently; who stirred up the health of my extended family and healed many “unfixable” ailments. I called Dr. L’Hommedieu immediately and set up my appointment, again hesitantly filled with hope.

Dr. L’Hommedieu did an extensive background on Titus’s short little life and took the time to really get a feel for what could be going on. Upon examination, I was asked whether or not Titus got much colostrum at birth because his immune system was weak and his liver was struggling. I was amazed! Titus was born with a low white blood cell count that left him very weak and sleepy. His twin brother who has never had problems with eating got the majority of the colostrum while Titus was force fed formula by the nurses. How in the world I wondered could Dr. L’Hommedieu have known this? He patiently explained the science and chemistry behind his methods while finishing his exam. He whipped up a homeopathic remedy to boost his immune system and aid his liver, and sent me on my way.

I gave Titus the suggested doses, said some prayers, and waited patiently. Literally, within one day, the redness was gone. Within two, no new lesions appeared. Within three, Titus’s skin was healed! I so wish I had taken before and after pictures to show this amazing change! I was so thrilled and happy beyond belief that my little guy could sleep in peace. I never regretted that visit; I can assure you that if you have an issue, from the mundane to the serious, Dr. L’Hommedieu will be able to help you and will take all the time to make sure you get the care you need! He has been a lifesaver to our family and we appreciate his practice so much. Thank you, Dr. L for caring for our family!

Sandy S. Wichita, KS

It’s been a long road. In 2006 I was suffering with panic attacks and anxiety. After three or four visits to the ER my MD put me on medication, which helped for a year.

After several more trips to the ER, I was sent to a cardiologist. She put me on 8 different medications for high blood pressure and high cholesterol, Plavix and a daily aspirin. I had bad reactions to some of these medications.

In 2009 I started having allergic reactions to many things that had never bothered me before. I had very severe reactions when mowing the yard, trimming trees and food allergies. As a result, I started spending most of my time in bed. I never left home. My life had seemed to be over. No birthday parties with my grandkids, no graduation parties with my nieces, no more fishing or hunting. I was a recluse.

I had recurring sinus infections and was put on antibiotics 7 different times. I had seen many different doctors and specialists. In my heart, I knew I was going to give up if I didn’t get some relief soon or at least get some answers.

On my good days I spent my time on the Internet seeking other doctors, rather than more of the same medical treatment. I was trying 50 different vitamins and herbs. In March of 2010 I quit smoking, changed my diet and quit taking all my medications. With these changes I started feeling hope but still not well enough to leave home.

In October 2010 I had my first visit with Dr. L’Hommedieu. Every day I thank God for putting this man in my life. After the first visit, five days later I was able to drive myself ten miles to my family reunion.

Now in December, taking only supplements, vitamins and herbs from Dr. L’Hommedieu and a diet modification I am stronger with each day and getting better. My organs are getting the proper nutrients for healing and getting rid of the heavy metals and poisons. Many symptoms are gone and I have some peace, harmony and balance.

Dr. L’Hommedieu is a true human being. He has a big heart, and he cares. He is full of knowledge and willing to give. He has answers and gives hope. He has given my life back. I do have a ways to go but I now know my problems, thus I know my solutions.

Today is a good day to be alive. Thank you, Dr. L’Hommedieu.

Thomas M. Wichita, KS

We would like to express our most heartfelt gratitude to Dr. L’Hommedieu for giving us the most priceless gift one can receive, our precious little boy, Christian. Words can never come close to describe the joy, love and laughter he has brought into our lives, and you played an integral part in making this happen.

Christian truly is our miracle!! After trying to conceive for over a year and a couple of attempts with different fertility procedures, we came to you for advice and treatment.

You were truly a God sent!! After following your treatment regimen for a number of months, we were able to conceive on our own, and gave birth to a healthy, beautiful little boy.

We truly believe that we couldn’t have done it without your help, guidance and determination. You have enriched our life by bringing a little bit of heaven in it, and making it brighter.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your knowledge, support, patience and most of all for caring. We will always remember what you have done for us. God bless you.

Nicolas and Antonia P. Dubai, UAE