My Approach

Advanced Alternatives for Health was established through my desire to provide patients with the kind of exceptional individualized health care I always wanted. I once shared a similar challenge as many of you—searching for a doctor that could identify and treat the real cause of my health dilemma. Although I did not realize it back in the ‘70s, I was searching for a “functional medicine” doctor before the term even existed.
In my experience, relying solely on a conventional medical approach to provide health care is inadequate at best. While conventional medical physicians utilize laboratory tests, they often fall short in interpreting test results from a functional chemistry perspective. In addition, while laboratory testing is an important aspect of every health restorative strategy, test results alone do not always provide a complete picture of the etiology of your collective symptoms, or the specific nutritional requirements needed to avoid unnecessary drugs and procedures.

To more effectively address this oversight, I utilize Comprehensive Laboratory Analysis with a Functional Health Evaluation of the test results, and Kinesiology Functional Analysis.

The Comprehensive Laboratory Analysis provides a broad range of blood biomarkers to reveal organ dysfunctions. This is followed with a Functional Health Evaluation of the test values to provide a comprehensive functional analysis of systems.

In addition, I incorporate a hands-on assessment technique provided through Kinesiology Functional Analysis. This proficient technique highlights more specific underlying causes behind complex health disorders missed in laboratory analyses. Through a specialized nutritional protocol, Advanced Nutritional Therapy, I can assess and organize a specific nutritional strategy along with other helpful therapeutics to provide the necessary support for your path to recovery.

Chiropractic adjustments are also an important part of every treatment and supported by the nutritional protocol. Clinical experience continues to demonstrate how the vast majority of musculoskeletal pain and inflammation, with the exception of frank trauma, have their source rooted in organ system dysfunctions triggered by excessive toxic burdens, disease processes, nutritional deficiencies, and/or food reactions.

In addition, Erchonia EVRL Low Level Laser Therapy and acupuncture are utilized. These are excellent complements to chiropractic adjustments to relax musculature, release spasm, and reduce and/or eliminate musculoskeletal pain.  

Many years of diversified training and clinical experiences have contributed to my health care perspective to provide an effective approach to help you achieve your wellness goals.