About Stephen C. L’Hommedieu, DC                             

Stephen C. L’Hommedieu, DC graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park in 1992, receiving a Bachelor of Science in Biology with an emphasis in Physiology. He went on to attend Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, Texas where he received his Doctor of Chiropractic and Bachelor of Science in Human Anatomy degrees in 1996. He has been practicing in the state of Kansas since 1996.

Throughout his graduate and professional education, Dr. L’Hommedieu pursued courses and certifications in chiropractic kinesiology techniques that included Applied Kinesiology (AK), Clinical Kinesiology (CK), NeuroKinesiology (NK), and Chiro-Plus Kinesiology (CPK). Additional education included certification in acupuncture, Chinese medicinal theory, and courses in functional medicine, blood chemistry analyses, Eastern and Western herbal medicine, homeopathy, clinical nutrition and dietary strategies.

Following graduation from Parker College, he acquired an associate position with a chiropractic kinesiology clinic. During that time, he began integrating laboratory testing and nutritional supplementation for his patients. Eighteen months later he established his own practice called Integrated Health Clinic. Eventually, the name Advanced Alternatives for Health was adopted to more accurately represent the technical advancement of his specialized nutritional protocol.

In addition to graduate and professional education emphases in physiology, chemistry, biology, and nutrition, his clinical experience provoked a greater awareness of the biological corrupting influences of heavy metals and toxic chemicals. He recognized how these environmental toxins directly caused and/or exacerbated every health disorder and disease process. His dissatisfaction with the effectiveness of established protocols and products generally used for managing these toxic substances is what led to the development of his functional testing and specialized nutritional protocol.

Prior to his formal professional education, Dr. L’Hommedieu acquired a vast knowledge base of holistic healing approaches. Years of personal study and research began in the early ‘70s as a result of his own disabling illness, which medical physicians were unable to help.

Dr. L’Hommedieu attributes his recovery process to the chemistry and nutritional work of Christian chiropractor Albert J. Rose, DC, then practicing out of his Mountainside, New Jersey office. Dr. Rose opened his eyes to the power of natural healing by what he referred to as “God’s Natural Laws of Health.” This involved balancing body chemistry through diet determined by the individual’s biotype, and nutritional supplementation determined through blood and hair analyses, which were really “functional medicine” concepts for that time. It was Dr. L’Hommedieu’s extraordinary health journey, with the inspiration of Dr. Rose, that altered his life path as a professional musician toward a new calling in chiropractic and natural medicine.