It is possible to dramatically improve your state of health. If you suffer from chronic pain or illness, or you are simply frustrated with your efforts to improve your health, there is an alternative. Implementing the best approach to achieve your goal for better health requires an understanding of the details behind the cause of your symptoms.

Dr. Stephen C. L’Hommedieu provides an accurate and efficient method for revealing the details underlying many simple to complex health conditions that typically escape conventional and other alternative methods of evaluation, such as:

  • Heavy Metal and Chemical Toxicities
  • Food and Environmental Sensitivities
  • Nutrient Deficiencies
  • Latent Bacteria, Fungus and Viruses
  • Undetected Parasites
  • Organ Dysfunctions
  • Hormone Imbalances
  • Mental and Emotional Stress
  • Mitochondrial Dysfunctions
  • Medically Induced Illnesses and Toxicities
  • Causes of an Inability to Lose Weight
  • Causes of Adrenal Fatigue
  • Causes of Thyroid Imbalances
  • Causes of Chronic Pain
  • Causes of Unexplained Symptoms

If you are you confused about how to reclaim your health, Dr. L’Hommedieu can take the guesswork out of your health care and get your health back on track through Advanced Kinesiology.

Kinesiology in Health Care

Kinesiology is one of the most fascinating, precise, effective, and certainly one of the most misunderstood complimentary testing methods utilized by alternative health care professionals. Commonly referred to as “muscle testing” by the layperson, expert kinesiology testing can play a vital role for achieving the best results in your health care. Its primary advantage is the ability to reveal hidden critical details underlying simple and complex health issues frequently missed by conventional medical testing.

Contrary to the opinions of misinformed skeptics kinesiology is neither some “ethereal belief system” nor is it “metaphysical” or “New Age.” Rather, it is a sophisticated neurologically-based, functional testing procedure. It is capable of identifying priority structural (musculoskeletal), physiological (physical and chemical factors and processes) and psychosomatic (mental and emotional) imbalances through your body’s “computer” system-- the central nervous system (CNS). This premise of kinesiology testing stems from decades of clinical research and results that have demonstrated how the CNS organizes and prioritizes all functional information in your body into “files” ready to be accessed, much like your home computer.

Similar to how an anti-viral program scans for corrupt files, this procedure scans for corrupt CNS “files” associated with your imbalances. It then identifies the important critical details underlying those imbalances often missed by specialized medical diagnostics and other alternative testing methods.

Indentifying the details behind a disorder is the key to an effective natural medicine approach for restoring balance. Keep in mind that kinesiology does not possess any “brains” in itself; it is always the doctor’s expertise that provides that part of the equation. This is the primary reason why different alternative practitioners can vary greatly in their clinical evaluations and results.

Brief History

The explosion of development in clinical applications of kinesiology began in the early 1960’s. Dr. George Goodheart, DC is recognized as the founder of a system known today as Applied Kinesiology (AK). Dr. Goodheart’s work focused on the intricate interrelationships of the somatovisceral (musculoskeletal/organ) systems. As a chiropractor, he developed procedures for correcting musculoskeletal or structural imbalances by addressing one or more of the “five factors.” This system continued to develop to encompass hundreds of effective manual techniques. It eventually evolved to include the influence of body chemistry imbalances and mental/emotional stressors in undermining structural (musculoskeletal) balance.

From Dr. Goodheart’s original work came the efforts of other researchers who contributed to the extensive development of the technique and its applications. Of special note was the research of Dr. Alan Beardall, DC who developed an extensively detailed and complex system called Clinical Kinesiology (CK). This system was created primarily out of Dr. Beardall’s frustration in trying to determine the priority AK techniques the body required and when to perform them.

Dr. Beardall went on to develop the concept of the Human Biocomputer Hand Mode System consisting of numerous systematically detailed flow charts that enabled him to access what he described as biocomputer “files.” Through accessing these biocomputer “files,” he discovered a means of retrieving valuable in-depth health information in the priority sequence as indicated by the body. His CK brought the principles of AK to the next level. Dr. Beardall’s comprehensive method would later confirm the major role of biochemical imbalances as a primary contributing cause of structural (musculoskeletal) imbalances.

Kinesiology Demonstrates God’s Intelligent Design

What Drs. Goodheart, Beardall and many others discovered, explored, and mapped in minute detail were the multiple levels of neurological and physiological communications between muscles and organs, organs and other organs, and muscles and other muscles; the complex interconnectedness of God’s intelligent design.

This intelligent design was also recognized on other levels through Chinese medicine thousands of years ago with the discovery of body meridians (energy pathways of the body). The Chinese observed relationships between these meridians and organs (e.g. pain or tenderness felt on the inside of the ankle (Kidney acupuncture point) and weakened kidney function, between organs with other organs (e.g. colon cancer metastasizing to the lungs), between emotions and organs (e.g. suffering extreme grief and developing pneumonia), and many others.

These bioenergetic and physiologic phenomena and their physical relationships within the context of the whole person, have continued to be meticulously observed, researched and validated by many throughout history. As with all pioneers who strive to understand the complexities of human function, they observed and researched the connections of God’s intelligent design in the true spirit of real science.

The Mechanisms of Muscle Response Testing

The mechanisms of turning muscles on and off (strong and weak)occur as normal neurological functions, such as when one is walking, running, etc. However, muscle function can also be impacted in positive or negative ways as a result diet, stress, training, and health status. This mechanism can also be utilized as a method of testing to collect important functional information and to provide important details into the cause of and support for many difficult to treat health disorders.

This correlation of muscles turning on and off as a normal neurologic function is a significant clue to an important connection: a muscle response is dictated by the central nervous system (CNS). Whether we call it Muscle Response Testing (MRT) in professional circles or muscle testing by layperson, it is more appropriate to refer to this type of testing as neurologic response testing. Although a physical response is observed by muscles turning on and off, we are actually testing the nervous system’s capacity to handle your body’s present physiologic functions. This is taken to the next level when testing your nervous system’s compatibility with and resistance to specific toxins, foods and nutrients.

Clinical Example #1

A man in his 80’s presented with severe bacterial infections lodged in his knee prosthesis (the bacteria were confirmed through kinesiology testing, as well). His infectious disease doctors had been fighting to get it under control for 4 years. Despite extraordinary efforts through various medical interventions, his doctors no longer held hope for his recovery and admitted he would require another knee replacement surgery. Even an alternative physician told him replacement of the prosthesis would be the only viable solution.

Upon his first visit to our office it was discovered that the combination of antibiotics administered was not working effectively. As somewhat of a surprise to him, he requested testing for bacterial sensitivity to the antibiotics when he went back to his medical physician. When he returned to our office he told us the lab test results confirmed both bacteria were still sensitive to the antibiotics he was taking. Yet again, it was confirmed through kinesiology testing that his antibiotics were not working effectively. It was suggested he ask his infectious disease doctor for samples of other antibiotics to find a better alternative.

The following office visit he brought a number of antibiotic samples provided by his medical physician. We found there was only one that would provide the overall effectiveness he required. He contacted his medical physician to see if he would have any objections to trying the new antibiotic. It took only 2 days on the new antibiotic for his color to return along with increased energy. Gradually he became stronger and his overall health improved significantly as we continued to build his nutritional therapy program based on my kinesiology findings.

Interestingly, they had already tried that antibiotic 18 months prior, but he was unable to take it because of the severe side effects he experienced. However, because he was supported with specific nutritional support determined through kinesiology testing he was able to use the more effective antibiotic safely and successfully.

Clinical Example #2

A middle-aged woman suffered chronic jaundice for years with no medical explanation. She was also on a liver transplant list because of her excessively high ALT liver values. Kinesiology testing revealed underlying mercury toxicity and parasites compromising liver and gastrointestinal functions.

A nutritional support program was designed to address the mercury toxicity and the parasites. However, the degree of parasite infection was far too excessive for natural remedies alone to resolve the issue. We referred her to our medical physician who prescribed the appropriate prescription and dosages that were required.

The end results were positive. She lost 60 pounds while eliminating an extraordinary quantity of parasites, her jaundice was resolved and she felt stronger than she had in years.

Clinical Example #3

This is an example of a so-called genetically acquired disorder, but was actually an environmentally caused disorder.

A man in his sixties presented with high blood pressure, which he claimed was genetic because all of his family members had the same abnormally high blood pressure. His assessment revealed lead toxicity compromising kidney function.

A thorough history revealed the farm house where he was raised used lead water pipes. An appropriate program was recommended to safely lower the lead levels to lower his blood pressure.

Clinical Example #4

This is another example of a so-called genetically acquired disorder.

A young woman in her 30’s presented with impaired thyroid function since childhood. She had been taking synthetic thyroid hormone since she was 13 years old. She believed it was a genetic disorder because her whole family suffered similar thyroid problems. Her assessment revealed pesticides in her thyroid were altering normal thyroid function.

Her history revealed she and her family were heavily exposed to crop dusting in northern California where she grew up. An appropriate program was recommended to support her requirements.

Clinical Example #5

A young woman had been unable to conceive after the couple had been trying for over a year. Her assessment revealed sub-clinical bacterial infection lodged in her spleen. She also had a known allergic reaction to carrots.

After a period of several months of treatment we resolved the infection. When the treatments were finished she immediately conceived and a later gave birth to a healthy baby boy. An additional side benefit was the elimination of her allergic reaction to carrots.

Clinical example #6

An 18 year old female college student had been suffering incapacitating migraines for 4 years. She also suffered with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and hyper-adrenal function. All of her symptoms began suddenly shortly after receiving a vaccination. She had previously been managing the migraines with prescription drugs, which were no longer working. Her endocrinologist used drug therapy to shut down adrenal function. They began other alternative treatments before coming here, but without success.

The assessment revealed primary issues of mercury toxicity and vaccine toxicity to her ovaries. Once we began the appropriate nutritional intervention her migraines immediately began to reduce in number and intensity. By the 3rd week her migraines completely stopped. Her energy increased and no longer required suppressive drug therapy to control “hyper-adrenal” activity.




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